26 Oct

You might be wondering why as an Uber driver you should join the real estate market or as a real estate agent why you should think of doubling up with Uber. One of them is that when you combine these two professionals, you are bound to make it in the real estate business. One of the reasons being that you will have plenty of practice dealing with people which is essential when you are dealing with the real estate. Find out other benefits you are bound to gain.

You will enjoy having flexible schedules. If you are an Uber driver, you are used the non-traditional work schedule that is from 9am-5pm. When you are doing Uber, you will find some of the busiest days are during the evenings and the night times. At the same time, the demand for Uber is high on the weekends. This is beneficial as in the real estate you are needed to work around the schedule of your clients. Thus, to be able to meet with their needs you will be required do work both nights and weekends. When you are driving uber, you can also make appointments with your clients.

The other reason you might make it in the SoftBank real estate business as an Uber driver is that you are personable. If you like people enough to drive strangers around then, you are likely to succeed in the real estate business. Just as the riders, the people who buy houses come from various areas. Thus, you need to have the skill and the knowledge to handle them and their demands.

When you are driving Uber, then you know your way around the city. When you drive around you will be able to learn about the shortest route to take and also can arrange your pick up and drops near where you will be meeting with the clients. You should even know that when you drive around, you will be able to learn of the latest construction, bike lanes, and where the new real estate is taking place. Look here Google Ventures to gain more ideas.

The other reason for driving and dealing with the real estate is that you meet with dozens of strangest each day. Other than driving, you can be able to discuss with them about real estate. You never know as you might find a few interests with buying or selling a home. If this is the case, then you will be making income not only as a driver but also as an agent.

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